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Under Construction...DEAL! No, I do NOT have anything against these construction pics. What I have a problem with is the people who have a problem with these construction pics.

Well, here it is. You have found my refuge from the madness of life...the World-Wide Web. Particularly, the little piece of it where I let everyone and no one, as well as you, know what is eating away at my twisted mind. This soapbox should (if you avail yourself of the wisdom contained herein) impart to you some insight into the sources of my unique form of madness. Not that madness is necessarily bad.... ;)

Firstly, I hate stupid people. Not necessarily people who are not intelligent, mind you, but people who CAN and SHOULD but DO NOT THINK. Due to the ever-increasing number of varieties of stupidity, this section is now organized by category:


-People who tell me how hideous my home page is. (Read the title...DUH!)

-People who claim that Netscrape OR Micro$loth Internet Exploiter is a 'good browser'.

-People who actually like any PeeCee based on an [un]Intel CPU (or design).

-People who buy WebTV boxes (PARTICULARLY now that M$ acquired WebTV).

-People who copy an existing idea with an established name, then rename it needlessly (like Netscrape's 'bookmarks', copied from the Mosaic hotlist).

-People who use AOL (or most other 'online services').

-People who use nonstandard, proprietary, incompatible, and/or platform-limited software/formats (AIM, ICQ, RealAudio, PDF, Photoshop-corrupted JPEGs, Juno, AVI, WAV, BMP, etc.).

-People who like Macs just slightly less than those who like PeeCees.

-People who buy video game consoles (except classics, of course).

-People who use frames, tables, Javascript, name-based virtual hosts, cookies, ampersand-prepended garbage codes, Shockwave Flash, or similar nonstandard, inefficient, incompatible, useless, ugly, and even dangerous elements in web pages.

-People who use some goofy web-authoring software rather than learn how to write HTML.

-People who create their web pages on Wintel machines, resulting in truncated '.HTM' files.

-People who do not write web pages to support text browsers (violating the specifications of HTML and defeating the entire purpose of the World-Wide Web!).

-People who use US Robotics Sportster modems (or others with that broken TI chipset).

-People who believe the hype about '56K' modems.

-People who use internal modems.

-People who use Seacrate hard drives.

-People who don't like Amigas.

-People who try to pass off some low-budget server with NO SHELL ACCOUNTS as an Internet Service Provider.

-People who get on the Internet with none of the prerequisite data communications experience (from BBSs, etc.).

-People who don't even know what BBSs are.

-People who leap immediately to SLIP or PPP connections without ever having used shell accounts, therefore having no idea what they or their computers are doing.

-People who have no idea what they or their computers are doing anyway.

-People who are not computer literate.

-Most people who believe that they are computer literate.

-People who don't even know what 'telnet' is or does (what ELSE don't they know?).

-People who send email or news with no body, consisting entirely of attachments.

-People who send HTML or binary attachments, 'business cards', and other pointless, annoying garbage with their mailing list or news posts.

-People who send email or news in annoying, non-ASCII character sets (ISO-8859-1 may ROT in the Wintel compost heap!!!).

-People who quote previous messages AFTER their replies in email or news (why not just type the whole message BACKWARDS while you're at it?).

-People who quote entire threads needlessly.

-People who don't even know what threads ARE.

-People who use a WEB BROWSER for email or news.

-People who use a word processor as a web browser (!).

-People who refer to web 'sights' (the word is SITES).

-People unable to differentiate between the Internet and the World-Wide Web.

-People who use POP mail (the mail is already on the server...WHY COPY IT TO YOUR LOCAL MACHINE???).

-People who insist on forwarding massive quantities of virus hoaxes and urban legends, never bothering to verify their authenticity.

-People who use UNSHIELDED cable for networking (it's called RF, people!).


-NT System Administrators (about as awe-inspiring a title as 'Yugo Maintenance Specialists').

-People who use Windoze 9x/CE/ME/NT/2000 (or any of Microshaft's other insidious trash).

-People who try to commercialize the Internet.

-People who push illegitimate concepts such as 'electronic commerce'.

-People who use 'online auction' sites (which are destroying numerous collector markets).

-People who use any hardware or software with 'win' in its name.

-People who try to shove streaming audio or video over the Internet (TCP/IP was NOT designed to support streaming transfers!!!).

-People who put stickers, labels, writing, notes, tape, etc. on computer or other equipment.

-People who allow computer or other equipment to become dirty.

-People who call 3.5" floppy disks 'hard disks'.

-People who do not like or appreciate classic computers.


-People who use ANY digital satellite television system (TV is ANALOG!).

-People who actually subscribe to cable TV.

-People who do not like real satellite TV (TVRO or 'big dishes').

-People who rehash old technology under stupid names like 'wireless cable'.

-People who espouse counterintuitive idiocy such as digital HDTV and DAB.

-People who try to integrate things which are (and should be) separate (such as television, computers, and microwave ovens).

-People who can't even program a VCR.

-People with no appreciation for classic technology.

-People who feel a need to abandon good, reliable technology.

-People who willingly embrace 'new' technology of poor quality.

-People who use cellular or PCS 'telephones' (nothing more than two-way radio, dumbed down for the masses).

-People who can't even figure out that cellular and cordless phones ARE two-way radios (as if the antenna isn't a dead giveaway?).

-People who don't bother to use proper twisted-pair cable for telephone wiring.

-People who give undeserved credit to the likes of Edison and Marconi.

-People who neglect to give due credit to the great Nikola Tesla.

-People who use wood as a building material.

-People who use powder pressed between paper to build walls.

-People who use Romex for electrical wiring.

-People who run Romex inside wood-framed walls to plastic (!) outlet boxes.

-People who use plastic water pipes or electrical conduit.

-People who use gas (natural, propane, etc.) appliances.

-People who believe that lightning rods are unnecessary.

-People who don't even know or care how technology works.

-People who drive minivans (sport-utility wannabes!).

-People who don't like SUVs (as they are easily intimidated in their tiny, pathetic, unsafe cars).

-People who want to make SUVs more 'car-like', which destroys the whole concept (they're SUPPOSED to be trucks!).

-People who destroy good trucks or SUVs by turning them into low riders (do it to all the cars and minivans you like; they suck anyway).

-People who put gas caps on the wrong side of automobiles (they belong on the driver's side).

-People who wear contact lenses (lose a cornea lately?).

-People who don't mind being dependent upon someone else's infrastructure.

-People who use inferior light bulbs (with no support wires, etc.).

-People who waste or destroy technology needlessly.


-People who think the Constitution for the United States of America is merely an old, worthless piece of paper.

-People who do not realize that the Bill of Rights is much more than a collection of ten amendments, and that it means exactly what it says.

-People who would trade their freedom for security.

-People who attempt to outlaw the monitoring of radio signals which are passing THROUGH ME.

-People who engage in ignorant, short-sighted practices such as auctioning off the RF spectrum (what's next, the atmosphere?).

-People who legislate good technology out of existence.

-People who legislate the mandatory acceptance of bad technology.

-People who suppress superior technology for profit or control.

-People in America who buy foreign products when a domestic alternative is available.

-People who blindly believe what they are told by the mainstream media.

-People who fail to take advantage of such alternative sources of information as shortwave radio.

-People in any way associated with insurance companies.

-People in any way associated with banks.

-People associated with most (all?) government agencies.




-People who judge things by appearance rather than content.

-People who thought this page had something to do with the 'rave' scene (I'm not slamming the scene; you're not paying attention).

-People who like urban areas.

-People who like cold weather.

-People who are not careful.

-People who do not clean can openers.

-People who fail to differentiate between the letter 'O' (pronounced 'oh') and the numeral '0' (pronounced 'zero').

-People who actually have the nerve to complain about the numeral '0' being printed or displayed with the appropriate slash through it.

-People who tell time in an uninformative manner, such as 'quarter of' or 'half past'.

-People who do not set timepieces accurately.


-Multi-level marketers.

-People in the 'health care' INDUSTRY.

-People who do not believe in natural remedies, supplements, etc..

Well, you must be fairly angry at me by now. Just remember, I did not force you to read this page. If I have not yet angered you, just wait until the next update. :) Speaking of which: you are now reading such an update (and a fairly major one at that). My bitterness is being accelerated to previously unimagined levels. The number of stupid people, things, and ideas surrounding those of us able to recognize them is growing astronomically. In this day and age, stupidity is an epidemic of greater proportions than those of all of history's plagues COMBINED. Now would be a good time to become a doomsayer, as there has never been a more abundant proliferation of significant indications that WE ARE DOOMED!

If you decide what processor to use based on a television commercial, you DESERVE nothing more than the Pentium.

Time for some specifics. Well, I have already treated the subject of the superiority of the Amiga computer over the lowly Wintel boxen which are stifling the entirety of computing. Of course, I am continually encountering more instances of that superiority, so check that page for updates. Now, on to another 'alternative' platform. Upon reflection, I noticed that entirely too large a portion of this page was devoted to the Macintosh. In order better to organize my web pages, and since I have acquired several Macs, I have decided to create a Macintosh Page.

Intel invented the microprocessor. Motorola perfected it.

Perhaps you mistakenly believe that I am biased to favor the only platform(s) that I use. Well, I happen also to have multiple Wintel boxen. To date, the Amiga is the best-performing (and most fun-to-use) microcomputer platform that I have encountered. Yes, there are those who say the DEC Alpha is impressive...I am still waiting until I SEE one to determine whether it impresses ME. (Isn't objectivity a good thing?) Ah, now that Compaq has killed it, I suppose that it is no longer much of a contender. ;) I knew when first I saw an Amiga about fourteen years ago that it was something special. I never could say that about a PC. There is something distasteful about a demonstrably inferior platform becoming the 'industry standard'. Remember this:

Standardization Stifles Innovation.

I wish I knew who said that was quoted by one of my teachers, many years ago. In fact, he was one of the best teachers I ever had. His classes (hardware interfacing and assembly-language programming of 80x86-series micros, interestingly enough) were quite enlightening. That is where I learned about many of the 'features' of that family, like the 64K segment limitation. Speaking of which...if protected mode on a '386 or higher CPU actually does away with the segmentation, WHY DOES A SOFTWARE CRASH IN WIN95 STILL GIVE A 'XXXX:XXXX' SEGMENTED ADDRESS???

I first wrote most of the above several years ago, and yet, it continues to be accurate. Intel's 'latest and greatest' Pentium 4 is SLOWER THAN ITS PREDECESSOR! How can I fail to laugh?

I believe that the ENTIRE field of computing should be considered as the sub-field of ELECTRONICS that it is. The utility of any non-electronic computing apparatus is, I dare say, exceedingly limited. One possible exception is that of optical computing, except that such will be inextricably linked to and dependent upon electronics anyway. Indeed, what other than a solid-state laser diode will be used as its source of optical energy? Surely, the real-world interface will remain electronic as well.

Anyone who does not understand the simple, basic underlying principles of computer hardware and software does not deserve to use computers (let alone manufacture them). ;)

Watch this space for additional rantings and ravings :)

Last updated: 14 February 2001

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