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Max Headroom

Max rulez! Partly because, like Techno's web pages, he was created on an
Amiga computer.

The Psion Series 3c is Techno's favorite portable computer
(at least until the development of an Amiga laptop)

Techno compares Personal Digital Assistants and Palmtops

One 8-bit microcomputer stands out above the rest:
the TRS-80 Color Computer

The TRS-80 Model 100 is an impressive retro portable computer

Check out Techno's Microcomputer Museum and Calculator Collection

Techno comments on the PC and the Mac

Techno rants and raves on various topics...

Another product of Techno's twisted mind: Binary Poetry


Like MOOing? Never heard of it? MOO (MUD, Object Oriented) is a form of low-bandwidth, text-based VR. Gaze upon RiverMOO's homepage, or telnet to RiverMOO (where Techno is usually known as TeaCooler)

Intel Outside!

This page looks best viewed on an Amiga, but supports all browsers (including Lynx, like any worthwhile page). Techno's pages are not enhanced for Netscrape, and the only sort of Explorer which meets with Techno's approval comes from Ford.

This page is perpetually under construction...

Last updated: 14 February 2001 (but Techno's other pages may have been updated more recently)

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